Zero Gravity Sidemount System

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Zero Gravity Sidemount System

In weightlessness, you are effortlessly floating, because all of the acceleration forces on you, add to zero! As much as I might love diving though, scuba diving has little in common with zero gravity.

After all, gravity doesn't just go away because you are underwater.

To achieve near "zero gravity", the most comparable feeling is floating in water- Because you feel so light, you can move about with the slightest amount of effort.

Scuba buoyancy systems help you to achieve near zero gravity at a higher degree of weightlessness and the Halcyon Zero Gravity side mount set does that very well.


SM H 50D Regulator Package
ZERO Gravity SM30 Sidemount system

Upgrade to H75P Regulator package for an extra $99

The ZG puts the buoyancy over the hips and along the sides of the rib cage where buoyancy is desired. The air chamber positioning gives the ZG a flat and streamlined profile on the back of the diver.

The small and compact unit will pack nicely along with other gear in a traveling suitcase or dive bag for travel.
The ZG is suited for double aluminium 11 litre (80 cft) cylinders with a wetsuit or small steel cylinders used with dry suits and heavier undergarments.

The H-50D is a high performance diaphragm design that is fully sealed and purpose-built for harsh conditions, such as ice or environmentally contaminated environments.
Diaphragm first stages are historically popular with cold water divers, and the H-50D was engineered for extreme conditions.

Go dive extraordinary places with your H-50D, and be confident that you have a rugged regulator that will meet all your demands.

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