Dive Computers

Dive Computers

You would much rather spend your precious leisure time, enjoying the wonders of the underwater world and less time making dive table calculations. Don't you agree?

We have all been in a situation where we go out to shop for scuba equipment, like regulators, BCs and wetsuits, only to return hours later, empty handed and more confused than when we left.

Dive computer shopping- will do that to you as well!

A Dive Copmputor is a very personal choice of a complex piece of technology, which when reading through all the specifications, can make your head spin.

Below is an easy to digest Mares Dive Computer Comparison chart- Hopefully this chart will assist you to make a logical informed decision, when you compare some of the best dive computers on the market today!  

Reading the chart- You can see how each dive computer stacks up against each other by comparing their most important features- side by side.

Remember where you are today as a diver, could be far removed from the diver you become, in several years time!


Dive computers allow the user to track important dive parameters such as depth and time.  Some models include "Air Integration" which also tracks cylinder pressure and in turn can tell you your remaining air time, remaining air pressure and can calculate consumption rates as well as other useful information.

Please Note- All dive computor boxes are opened, quality checked, then resealed before despatch- To check the battery condition.
This pre delivery check in no way voids your warranty. This check assures the battery has adequate battery capacity, before your use. 

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