Equipment Hire

ProDive Central Coast offer a large range of Scuba Diving Gear available for Rental/Hire.  

Please see below for our rates . . .


Gear Hire  1 Day
BC, Regs, Tank & Weights 65.00
BC, Regs, Wetsuit & Tank & Wts 80.00
Full Scuba Set 95.00
Mask, Snorkel & Fins 25.00
Fins- Open Heel 10.00
Fins- Full Foot 10.00
Wetsuit 20.00
Regulator Set with Computer 35.00
Buoyancy Compensator 20.00
Weight Belt 10.00
Tank & Fill 20.00
Nitrox Tank & Fill (32%) 30.00


  • Equipment must be returned complete and in good order by 5pm on the same day as hired, or further hire fees apply.
  • You are required to check rental equipment for fit and use.
  • Do not use equipment unless trained in its use and/or function.
  • You are responsible for the loss or damage of any PRO-DIVE equipment during the hire period.
  • You are required to show your ‘Cert Card’ if you are hiring SCUBA equipment
  • It is your responsibility to read our full hire Terms and Conditions
  • A credit card authorisation is required and will be charged for late, lost or damaged rental equipment.
  • Your credit card authorisation is acceptance of these terms of hire.


How to Rent/Hire from Us?

We always recommend- call a couple of days prior, to ensure that we will have the scuba rental gear available for the day.
All rental equipment can be prebooked with prior payment or credit card authorisation.

Call ProDive on 02 4389 3483 for more information. 


Air refills

$10       Single tanks of 21%

$20       Single tanks of <32% 

$85       Ten Air refill card

$155     Ten <32% Nitrox card

 POA      Fills above 32%