Masks and Snorkels (Scuba)

Your dive mask provides your view to the vast underwater world of the ocean. To maximize your diving enjoyment and comfort you need, a high quality dive mask to allow you to enjoy many years of underwater viewing enjoyment.  Masks come in a wide array of shapes and colours and can be confusing to the newbie.  A basic rule of thumb is to purchase the mask that fits the best.  This correct fit can be determined only by trying the mask on with the assistance of your friendly Pro Dive staff.  A few brands that we carry here at Pro Dive Central Coast are Mares and Tusa Within each of these brands are many different styles and we understand that every face is completely different and we cant all wear the same mask.

Another point to consider is the colour of the masks silicone skirt.  These most commonly come in black or clear and each has its advantages and disadvantages.  For example, a black skirt will help to eliminate side light coming into the mask and this may be beneficial if photography is your thing.  On the other hand, a black mask can restrict your peripheral vision, and may make it more difficult for your buddy to see whats happening behind the glass.

Dive snorkels are also a major part of your scuba diving equipment, these allow you to save air while waiting on the surface without taking mouth fulls of water on choppy days. All brands tend to have matching color that match up to masks. Color coordination is everything.....

TIPS: All new Masks have a thin layer of residue on the inside of the lens which occurs in the the manufacturing process, this is what causes your mask to fog up. Removing this layer will allow the anti fog to hit the glass and work. Use a slight abrasive gel/cream/paste to buff the inside of the lens to remove any excess silicone residue, then pop in some anti fog liquid/gel and you will be fog free!


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