Scuba Fins

When you are looking for fins or flippers, whatever you like to call them, finding a good pair that suits your needs, can be quite daunting!

As experienced divers we have tested many different types fins, from full foot speed fins, adjustable angled blades, jet fins, long bladed and scoop type, you name them, we've more than likely tried them!~

Basically we tried as many beginner fins, open-heeled fins and full footed fins as we possibly could. To this endue completed the most comprehensive list of fins on the market, all tested in both the ocean and in our indoor heated training pool.

During our research we looked at: Fit and Comfort – Efficiency versus Power – Stiffness and Flexibility – Materials used, – general Sizing and overall Weight – Price versus Quality and Environmental Manufacturing processes. 
All in all, we believe we have covered everything to present you with the best scuba, freediving, spearfishing and snorkelling fins to suit the majority of people, who like to enter the watery world.