Dive Masks

A scuba diving mask is an essential piece of equipment for any diver. One of the most important pieces of your dive kit and generally the first item that new divers buy is a dive mask and for good reason! All masks differ in size depending on brand and the many styles within the brand. Thus, some masks will achieve a better fit on your face than some others.

If you have a comfortable dive mask with a good seal, you have taken a massive step to enjoying a great dive!  

Your mask should have;

Tempered glass lenses- Corrective lenses are available for divers requiring better vision underwater.  

A soft silicon skirt that seals around your face, will make all the difference and our vast range, offers some of the softest masks on the market today!

Soft comfortable nose pocket.

Easily adjustable strap to secure the mask to your face and most importantly, feel comfortable.

Because "comfort and fit" are the two most important features in a mask you desire.

Corrective lenses available for most mask types. 

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