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From shore diving discovering new reefs  to really getting into spearfishing at offshore deeper, blue water diving sites, visit our store and to make the most out of your next spearfishing adventure.  
Drop in and see how Pro-Dive makes it easy for you to get your spearfishing gear needs sorted, with great spearfishing packages that are conveniently bundled with everything you need, from head to toe!   

Spearfishing Package Deals

Looking to upgrade your spearfishing gear? 
Perhaps you are starting off and want to purchase spearfishing equipment along with a few accessories you might need, to kick-start your new hobby. 

Whichever you decide, it has never been easier to kick-start your spearfishing hobby when purchasing your spearfishing pack from Pro-Dive. We carry a full range of spearfishing guns, hand spears, wetsuits, mask, snorkels, fins plus everything you need, to make the right decision on high-quality spearfishing gear, at really great prices. 

We understand that selecting each individual item can be overwhelming, that is why Pro-Dive only carry trusted brands like Mares and Cressi. Our inhouse spearfishing instructors have over fifty years of spearfishing experience, who have carefully selected these spearfishing packs, that ensure you have everything you need to enjoy a great sport that is safe, fun and hopefully combines, a successful spearfishing journey. 

Each pack is designed for spearfishers who are looking for high quality equipment, To make the right selection, here is a bit more information about the gear included in our spearfishing packs.

Spearguns, Handspears.

To start with you will require something to catch your fish with!  A simple hand spear is a great first choice when starting out. A hand spear is a long metal or fibreglass pole with a detachable barbed head. You draw back a rubber sling, point at your target and let go. Hand spears are very useful for catching smaller fish, around sandy areas or rocky reefs.

fI you want to spearfish, you’re going to need a spear! 
A speargun is the weapon you will use, to hunt fish out in the water.

A speargun uses a metal shaft that lays in a grooved barrel or, supported by runners. Slides or runners keep the shaft straight as it moves along the barrel, Propelling the shaft is a specially designed rubber, made of mostly silicone. 

This specially designed rubber is stretched back and held in place on the shaft by notches along the shaft. When the trigger is pulled, the rubber releases its tension and propels the shaft through the water.


Wetsuits are worn to primarily protect your body from potential cuts and abrasions and keep your body warmer, for longer periods in the water.
Most wetsuits are black or dark colours, whilst many spearfishers now want to blend into the background. This usually results in a more accurate shot when hunting, Nowadays, there are many suits with a camouflage or camo design, that allows you to get closer to your target fish without ‘scaring the fish away- 

Wetsuits are available in three different thicknesses for spearfishing:-  
1mm for very warm water,  
3.5mm for cooler waters  
5mm for temperate waters.

Spearfishing socks will keep you warm and comfortable plus, offer additional grip you might need to walk over wet, slippery rocks. 

Hoods can be either built in or separate from your wetsuit, they provide heat retention and protection for scrapes and bumps. Usually made from the same neoprene, your wetsuit is made from

Gloves provide the same protection and are extremely useful, whilst holding onto rocks for support or catching elusive crayfish. 

Masks and snorkels 

Masks provide an airspace in front of your eyes that allows you to see clearly underwater.
Black or dark silicone skirts surrounding the lens is the obvious choice.  
The darker colour allows your eyes top dilate quicker when searching under rock ledges, keeping the sun out your eyes.
The most important features of a good quality mask is comfort and fit!

Spearfishers with sight concerns can also add prescription lenses to their mask.


Snorkels allow you to keep your head down as you swim along the surface looking for fish. Snorkels need to be flexible and usually located on the left side of your mask. A small clip or band holds them in place.


Spearfishing fins come in many different lengths and power ratings. 
You will use your fins to propel you through the water, with minimal effort. They allow you to reach greater depths with a lot less energy needed, to reach your depth targets. 

Fin blades can be permanently attached or detachable from the foot pocket to suit your desired swim pattern or depth requirements. Blades are made from plastic, acrylic, fibreglass and carbon fibre. 

Weight belts and lead weights. 

Carrying the correct amount of weights, is vital to ensure a safe day out. Too many weights and you will struggle to stay afloat and find it quite difficult, to ascend.  

There are several different types of belts, ranging from elastic rubber or nylon webbing to pocket weightbelts and weight vests. A properly fitted weight belt with the correct amount of weight can help minimise your natural buoyancy, but need to have an easily reached mechanism or buckle- if necessary to be released in an emergency

Floats, Flags and Float lines

Divers are very difficult for boaters to see in the water, a dive flag that sticks upwards from the waters surface allows boaters to better see divers and spearfishers alike.

Flag Alpha is a white flag with a blue swallowtail. lt is the official flag that indicates divers are down. Boaters must stay at least 60 metres away or a safe distance, at slow speeds. 

Float lines are used to store your caught fish plus allow spearfishers to release their guns in deeper water and haul their guns to the surface easily.


Open Cell wetsuits are prone to tearing if proper lubrication is not used when donning on the suit. The recommended lubrication to use is a water based personal lubricant or a specialised wetsuit lubricant. Shampoos & conditioners will shorten the life of your suit if used. Failing to properly lubricate your wetsuit will result in the failure and damage of your suit, any damage or internal tears are not covered under warranty.

NOTE: It's recommended to remove any jewellery, watches, and to trim any sharp finger/toenails before putting on the suit.

When washing the suit, no form of detergent or soap should be used as this will breakdown, stretch, and shorten lifespan of your suit which is not covered under warranty.

Spear Fishing and Freediving courses.

Pro-Dive have two full time spearfishing instructors on staff always available to chat about spearfishing, whether you are looking to learn as a rank beginner, enrol onto our one day spearfishing course or maybe need to fine tune your diving technique, increase your depth and breath hold times in our Freediving classes. 

Pro-Dive Central Coast offer these products along with many other courses each month, plus fortnightly spearfishing excursions. 
Check out our great range and see for yourself- it’s never been easier, to kick-start your spearfishing hobby! 


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