Like most divers, you probably started diving with a jacket style BCD, and as that is what many people have learnt to dive in.

The last five years or so, has seen the popularity of the harness and back plate systems increase. More instructors in Australia are currently teaching open water scuba diving courses, solely using back plate and wing systems.

Backplates range from 3 or 6mm, 316 marine steel to 6061 aluminium and softer, rigid materials for tropical diving environments.

The back plate and webbing harness set-ups are simplistic and efficient allowing for better stream lining than standard BCDs and a reduction in straps and harnesses around the chest allows an even greater range of movement and feeling of freedom around the chest and arms.

Back plate and wings are now a more than perfect choice for beginners, through to experienced advanced divers. No longer the elitist style of buoyancy compensator favoured by technical diving enthusiasts, alone.

Single Tank Adapters and Shoulder Pads increase your convenience and comfort.

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