Become a certified Freediver

Learn to freedive and experience the ocean in an exciting new way as you explore beautiful dive sites on a single breath.

SSI Freediver Program

The SSI Freediver program is the best first step to take and certifies you to freedive with a buddy in open water to a depth of 20 meters.

Basic Freediving

Do you have a fascination with the sea?

Would you like to discover the enchantment of the ocean by using only your fin kicks and a single breath?

Pro Dive Central Coast can introduce you to the captivating world of FREEDIVING.

Their programs cater to all, from freshwater lakes to tropical oceans. Discover a personal challenge, experience an exhilarating adventure, or simply bask in the calming rhythms of the ocean. Pro-Dive Central Coast will ensure that you are ready for the "Ultimate Freediving Experience"!


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