Advanced Adventurer

The SSI Advanced Adventurer is the best way to try out various specialty programs without committing to a full program.

Wreck Diving Course

Do you want to explore iconic towering shipwrecks and dive World War II planes covered in vibrant marine life? Discover the world of wreck diving and get started today with the SSI Wreck Diving Specialty.

Advanced Scuba Training

Embark on thrilling underwater expeditions and acquire the necessary expertise to explore the world's top dive sites through SSI's advanced training programs. With over 20 distinct programs to choose from, SSI has a specialty that caters to your interests and requirements.

By completing a set number of specialties, you can earn the esteemed SSI Specialty Diver, SSI Advanced Open Water Diver, and SSI Master Diver ratings that demonstrate your proficiencies and lay the foundation for further adventures. If you're uncertain about which Specialty programs to opt for, try SSI's Advanced Adventurer program, which allows you to test five Specialty Programs before committing to one or more full programs. This program offers you a taste of what advanced training entails, and you can receive credit towards full Specialty certification anytime after.

The popular Divemaster Specialty bundle is an excellent way to save money while obtaining certification to dive deeper, enjoy longer dives, venture into night diving, and more. This bundle enables you to qualify for the coveted SSI Divemaster rating and acquire the necessary credentials to explore the world's most iconic dive sites to the fullest.


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