Scuba Accessories

Sometimes even the smallest things can make your dive experience more comfortable.
Your alternate air source does not want to stay where you want it to? Secure it with an Octopus Retainer.

How about a leaking O'Ring, grab yourself an O ring kit!

Often the smallest things can make your dive experience more comfortable, by simply adding a little bit of safety to all your dives.

When carrying a surface marker buoy for surface signalling, a small reel with 15m of line is handy along with a few double ended snap hooks.
Save a Dive tool kits will help with small regulator maintenance repairs.

At Pro-Dive, we stock a very large range of scuba diving accessories, from mask straps, snorkel holders, to care & repair items for your valuable safety gear, plus everything in between.

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Looking for wetsuit coat hangers, perhaps a diver tool kit, even a simple holder for your dive torch to keep you hands free.
Check out the range and grab a few Scuba Diving Accessories from clips to cleaning products, from mouthpieces to hangers, we have it all....