XR Tec Sidemount Package



XR TEC Sidemount Package


The 28XR-HR Technical Diving Regulator Set combined with the Mares PURE Light Sidemount Set and two 15cm SPGs

Mares 28XR Heavy Side mount Set

The Mares 28XR DIN First Stage is a balanced diaphragm and twin balanced piston regulator in a compact and rugged high-impact chrome body providing constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate. 

The first stage is AST environmentally sealed for underwater removal. It features four standard size low pressure ports on a swivel turret with an additional fifth port on top of the turret, all with natural DFC.

Mares Heavy PURE Sidemount Set

The fully modular trim style makes the Mares XR Pure Sidemount Bladder best suited for use in caves, open water and/or wreck diving situations, in both warm and colder waters.

The Mares XR Pure Light Sidemount Bladder boasts a preformed shape dedicated to sidemount diving. With a generous 10 kg or 18 kg lift. The bladder maintains a flat surface, even when fully inflated.

All metal fittings are made from the highest quality, 316 marine grade Stainless Steel for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. The cell is constructed using 1200 denier bulletproof, ballistic nylon with a 600 denier polyester exterior.

The assembled Pure Light Sidemount Set includes:

Pure light sidemount bag - 10 litres Upper mounting plate for aluminum sidemount Lower mounting plate for aluminum sidemount End mounting plate for aluminum sidemount Side rings for aluminum sidemount (d&s) Heavy light full body harness Rear weight module for sidemount Detachable rear pocket for sidemount Tank elastic bands for sidemount

The 28XR-HR Technical Diving Regulator Set includes:

2 X HR second stages 2 X 28XR first stages 2 X Miflex XT-Tech hoses (60 cm - 210 cm) 2 X Miflex XT-Tech hoses for sidemount control unit (20cm) 1 m. of 4 mm elastic 2 X Pressure gauges - metric only

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