Extended Range Master Diver Bundle

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The new word on the block is "TEK-REATIONAL"   

The XR Master Diver bundle brings you the proper diving techniques, to explore the spectacular dive sites beyond recreational divers abilities, allowing you to go beyond the ordinary!  

Technical diving, Extended Range is now more accessible to recreational divers, who don't want to dive deeper than 40 metres, want to experience longer dives that may involved decompressing before ascending,.

The new word is Tek-reational diving!

Try it for yourself, book in today!!!

You will begin the road to becoming a Master Tek-Reational diver, with the basic eXtended Range Foundations program that provides divers with a pool skills workshop environment, to improve your skills to a higher skill level, using the Extended Range Total Diving System.

This XR Master Diver course bundle, will progress and qualify you to dive to 40 metres using nitrox mixtures of up to 100%, with at least 15 minutes of back gas decompression, using a one-stage decompression gas- The Advanced Wreck will then allow you to explore penetration, deep into an overhead wreck dive environment.  

Along with line laying and dive light usage, you will learn overhead diving, buoyancy and propulsion skills.
You may also want to use Nitrox as your breathing gas, with a higher gas mixture to reduce your deco time.

The included courses include all materials, training, diving plus certification and can be completed up to 6 months from purchase.

Extended Range Master Diver Courses provide the training and experience necessary including;

Proper techniques,

Rescue procedures

First Aid including CPR, AED and Oxygen provider

Equipment requirements

Hazards of deep air diving

Competently dive sites, that require staged decompression, using nitrox or higher oxygen concentrations, during decompression.

Whether you’re looking to expand upon your skills and dive experience or, just go a little bit deeper to see an area of interest, this course is for you!

Deep diver,

Enriched Air diver Level 2

Course included:

XR Foundations

Extended Range Nitrox

Extended Range Wreck

React Right First Aid

Stress & Rescue Diver

You will require a complete XR total diving system.

Please choose carefully, once a bundled course has been selected, the chosen bundled courses- are non refundable, non transferable and apply to original purchaser only.

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Flying after Diving

Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.