Advanced Wreck Diving Course


The first dive into a wreck can feel like trespassing, even for experienced divers, but when the sea claims a ship, either intentionally or accidentally, it takes possession of the ship and freezes its assets. Thus turning it into a time capsule filled with mysteries and secrets.


In 2003 the “lust for rust” took a huge leap forward when the TV series "Deep Sea Detectives" was broadcast on the Discovery Channel Some passionate wreck divers have made finding famous wrecks, or discovering the identity of known wrecks, into their life’s work.

What draws divers to the rusted, shattered and encrusted debris of the industrial age? Even in wrecks that had no fatalities during their sinking, the feeling of entering a forbidden place remains. Some hidden interior rooms and passage ways, are only accessible by divers, existing far from the reach of robot cameras and remotely operated vehicles.

The Advanced Wreck Diver course trains you to explore wrecks, realise the history and enjoy the opportunity to dive on famous pieces of world history.

Every so often we travel to Micronesia to dive the world war II wrecks at Truk Lagoon, other times we head to the Philippines to dive the wrecks at Coron- both famous areas for exploring fascinating wrecks.

During this eXtended Range program- you will comnplete four dives and learn how to:

Efficiently move whilst in an overhead environment
That body posture and trim will affect overall overhead diving success
The various methods of communication used by overhead environment divers
Using reels and spools to investigate the inner areas of a wreck
Realise safety factors for all divers entering overhead environments. 


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Flying after Diving

Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.