Wigun Aluminium 75cm Open Head Spear

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Huntmaster 75cm Aluminium Open Head Spear

Literally translated as SPEAR THROWER in Ancient Aboriginal Dharawal Language, the Wigun Aluminium Spear is Huntmaster’s modern version of one of the most primitive and traditional weapons known to mankind.
The archaic practice of killing with a spear has been around in Australia in one form or another for some 50,000 years, but never in such an effective, reliable or desirable form as the Huntmaster Wigun.
With the arrival of higher technologies, stronger materials and more comprehensive production methods we have created a ‘spear thrower’ that’s not only deadly accurate but also powerful, super simple and extremely reliable.


With a full-length rail that runs directly from the full stainless-steel mechanism all the way along the handle, barrel and head. No more unsightly joints between handle and barrel or barrel and head, allowing the spear to travel unimpeded from start to finish.
The simple open head is designed to be used by either left or right handers and can hold 3x16mm bands. The integrated stainless-steel line guides make for a quick and simple loading experience putting you back in action and onto your target as quick as possible.


Huntmaster Wigun spears have taken the spear thrower to the next level, just one quick glance at a photo and you’ll immediately notice the high-end water transfer with polyurethane coating in 5 unique Harbinger Camouflaged designs with integrated logos making these spearguns top shelf!
A closer inspection will reveal a custom handle designed by the HUNTMASTER team to suit a number of configurations, rollers, pulleys and conventional spearguns.


All the Wigun speargun range uses top grade ‘Attack’ Micro bore rubber with a smaller internal diameter, only 1mm, this rubber offers more power to size ratio than other leading brands. For more info go to ‘Attack Rubber’.
The reverse mechanism and the rearward positioning on the shark fins adds an extra 10cm band stretch, more band stretch means more power.
A 100cm Huntmaster has 110cm band stretch.

Key product features

Open Head Muzzle with Integrated Stainless-Steel guide
Aluminium Barrels with High-end water transfer and polyurethane coating
5 unique Harbinger Camo designs with integrated logos (Red, Green, Blue, Blaze and Pink)

Attack Micro bore Rubber with a tiny 1mm core

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