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232 Bar DIN/K Modular Manifold Valve, without blanking plug

Manufactured by San-o-Sub from the finest marine grade brass, chrome plated to ensure greater corrosion protection- This valve handle design also ensures excellent grip when opening and closing the cylinder.

232 Bar manifold valve can be used with a San-O-Sub manifold bar, or can be used as a stand alone valve for side mount or stage tank, with the use of a blanking plug.

This Hybrid manifold valve can be used with DIN or Yoke regulators.
It comes with a threaded insert which can be removed with an Allan hex key to use this valve with DIN First stage regulators.
When installed, the valve can be used with 232 bar Yoke first stage regulators.

This valve is typically used together with the opposite matching 232 Bar- Side Manifold Valve, plus a San-o-Sub Manifold Centre Isolation Cross Bar creating a complete Isolation Manifold setup for twin 232 bar cylinders.

When a Manifold Valve is used with a matching blanking plug, it effectively converts this valve into a side-mount valve.

The valve has a standard 3/4-inch X 14 NPSM parallel thread to fit the cylinder neck threads of most Australian Standard aluminium and steel cylinders.

Presure Rated to 232 BAR.

Only qualified scuba technicians should instal this device onto your scuba cylinder. 


Should you instal this device into a non conforming cylinder, the risk of damaging the cylinder or having the device eject from placement is extremely high,  causing serious injury or death.
Please ensure you have the necessary training and experience required to instal this item.

Should there be any doubt this is the correct valve or correct thread for your scuba cylinder, please call or email for more information.

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