Valves- Cross Flow


San-O-Sub T profile Cross Flow valve 

SCUBA cylinder valves are used to seal high pressure gas in scuba cylinders.

The San-O-Sub T profile, Cross Flow valve is specifically designed to keep the cylinders low profile and accessible.
Primarily used as Rebreather cylinder valves, where it is important to maintain compactness and low profile, with easy  accessibility to the hand wheel.

The valve has a standard 3/4-inch x 14 NPSM parallel thread to fit the cylinder neck thread with a burst disc service pressure of 240 and 300 bar.
Fits most Australian Standard aluminium and steel scuba cylinders.

Constructed of chrome-plated aircraft brass with Oxygen service components this inline valve can be used on either the Diluent and/or Oxygen cylinder.

Only qualified scuba technicians should instal this device onto your scuba cylinder. 

Should there be any doubt this is the correct valve or correct thread for your scuba cylinder, please call or email for more information.

Should you instal this device into a non conforming cylinder, the risk of damaging the cylinder or having the device eject from placement is extremely high,  causing serious injury or death.
Please ensure you have the necessary training and experience required to instal this item.


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