Truk Lagoon


Truk Lagoon is a divers Mecca!

Chuuk Atoll (also known as Truk) in the Caroline Islands is infamous for its giant lagoon. The lagoon is the final resting place for more than 70 ships, planes and submarines.
The central lagoon has volcanic islands that rise dramatically from fantastically blue waters. Many of the islands have fertile soils that host an abundance of lush flora and fauna.

Nowhere else in the world are there so many wrecks nearby, situated in shallow clear water. This renowned dive destination is famed for being a wreck lovers paradise.

The sheer volume of wrecks is the legacy left by fierce battles during World War II between the Imperial Japanese Fleet and Allied carriers. As such the area is known as an underwater museum.

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Although many of the wrecks exceed recreational dive limits and require technical diving certifications and experience, there are a lot of very accessible wrecks suitable for Open Water divers. Some wrecks can even be enjoyed on a snorkel. It’s safe to say you will never be short of dive site options. The ships cargoes consist of tanks, trucks, aeroplanes, mines, bombs and machine-gun bullets. Thousands of other artefacts, including beautiful china, are still to be explored. Souvenir taking of relics from the area is strictly prohibited by law.

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