Strike Polygon Spear


Strike Polygon 90cm Spear

The Strike Polygon is a spear for spearfishing with a 28mm diameter barrel, including a line-release system made entirely of stainless steel, optimised for loading with thicker bands. 

With a simplified line of fire, 7mm shaft in tempered 17-4 ph steel and Polygon camouflage design.

The Strike Polygon spear has a 28mm diameter barrel, made of extruded anti-corrosive aluminium, that includes a line-release mechanism, made entirely of stainless steel, optimised for loading with thicker bands.

Equipped with a simplified, open line of sight and a 7mm Tahitian shaft made of hardened 17-4PH steel.

The Strike Polygon can accommodate two 14mm circular slings,with an integrated, low-friction shaft guide to give spearfishers the most precise aim possible. Line retainers on the muzzle and handle are low profile, with a simple, clean design. 

To minimise UV reflections which are visible to fish, Mares has created new indigo-coloured circular slings. 

The Strike Polygon spear takes camouflage a step further with a Polygon camouflage design printed on the barrel.

The spear features a new ergonomic handle with a non-slip geometric shape, while the alignment of the barrel to the handle helps absorb recoil while shooting.

The Strike Polygon offers experienced spearfishers the luxury of using an 80mm reel with a micrometric adjustment clutch and 50 metres of 1.7mm diameter line.  

The main features of the Strike Polygon speargun are:

  • 28mm diameter circular barrel is made from anti-corrosive extruded aluminium with a low-friction integrated shaft guide 
  • Open muzzle configuration with a friction reduction system between the slings and the barrel
  • The muzzle allows for the installation of two 14mm circular slings 
  • Simplified and open line of sight increases accuracy and instinctive shooting 
  • Line retainers on the muzzle and handle are low profile with a simple, clean design 
  • Line-release mechanism is made of stainless steel and optimised for loading with thicker bands

The geometric shape of the trigger is designed for dynamic shooting
Latex circular slings are available in a new indigo colour that minimises UV rays visible to fish

  • Dyneema wishbone
  • 7mm tahitian shaft in 17-4PH tempered steel 

New ergonomic handle in a non-slip geometric shape. The angle of the handle with respect to the barrel is designed to ensure continuity with the user's arm, absorbing recoil

The wide shooting line-retainer can be positioned on either the right or left side of the barrel with retractable sliding safety mechanism.
Reel housing with insert accommodates use with roller muzzles
New polygon camouflage design on the barrel

Available in three different sizes of 90cm, 100cm and 110cm.

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