Boat Diving Specialty Course


Diving from a boat is fun, especially when you look at ease whilst you are manoeuvring around on it.  Whether you have never made a boat dive or you have logged dozens, the Boat Diver Specialty course can benefit every diver, ranging from small inflatables to giant live-aboard vessels.


The best part is you can now dive and explore spectacular dive sites, that are a long way from shore.

This Boat diver specialty course, covers the additional knowledge and techniques you will need, to dive safely, from all sizes and types of boats.
Our goal is to prepare you for your Boat Diving adventure and make sure, you have a good experience.

What experience will you gain by completing this specialty dive course:

Pack dive gear ready to dive from a boat
Exits and entries
Use surface lines to initiate or conclude your dives. 
Locate basic boat safety equipment


Complete the online academics, quizzes and exam
All theory must be completed, before any in water training begins.

Open water-training dives:  
Two open water-training dives

Minimum age:                    
15 years old.
Must have parent or guardians consent to complete course.

Certification required:         
Open Water                       

Medical Status:                   
Have a current Medical clearance to dive on file

Your next diving adventure awaits:

Just about any specialty dive course can be taken in conjunction with the Boat Diver course, especially useful when completing the Deep Diver and Wreck Diver specialty course.


Book today and start learning how to dive from Dive boats.

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Flying after Diving

Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.