Spearfishing Course


Donning a mask, snorkel and heading into the water, whether snorkelling on a coral reef watching the colourful fish, or drifting along sandy stretches looking for fish hiding in the weedy bottom is a greater pastime, but have you tried spearfishing?

Selective spearfishing with your friends will probably be your first underwater world experience, maybe the start of an underwater journey of discovery.


Pro-Dive fully embraces the art of spearfishing and recognises this form of selective fishing as a positive step in the right direction of sustainable fishing plus, a major driver for people entering the underwater world across the globe.

During the Spearfishing course you will be encouraged into responsible spearfishing and when conducted properly, selective fishing techniques is the most "eco friendly " form of fishing around today.

Spearfishing also offers you physically and mentally challenging experiences, which excites many people.

We encourage, promote and educate people on safe spearfishing techniques- which also promotes a healthy lifestyle and an affinity with the sea and nature- For many, spearfishing gives participants years of fun and enjoyment!

The ProDive Spearfishing Course covers basic knowledge on safety, breathing techniques and spearfishing equipment selection.

This spearfishing course will probably be your introduction into the sphere of freediving! Upon successful completion of the Selective fishing course, you will achieve the rating of SSI Basic Freediver.

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