Snorkelling Instructor


If you are looking for a career in the ocean?- Becoming a snorkelling instructor, is the best choice you can make!

The Snorkel Instructor training course is intended to provide candidates with the knowledge and training, necessary to conduct entry-level snorkelling programs, in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Snorkel diving is perfect for water enthusiasts who are too young, or have medical conditions that may prevent them from scuba diving. 

Snorkelling is quickly becoming one of the largest water sports, especially in resort areas.

The Pro-Dive Snorkelling Instructor Course provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to conduct entry-level snorkelling courses in a safe and enjoyable manner. 
Snorkelling is an exciting activity that anyone young or old can enjoy with minimal equipment and teaching snorkelling is much easier than most people think.

Being a ProDive Snorkelling instructor is a career you can truly enjoy, because snorkel diving is a great activity and is very easy, for the whole family to enjoy.

Upon completion you will be certified as an International Snorkelling Instructor.


The Snorkelling Instructor training Course takes only one day.

Snorkel Instructor Theory is supplemented with an ocean snorkelling session, where you will cover the key snorkelling skills in addition to safety and group management techniques.

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    Administrative Requirements 

    Prior to training, candidates must have completed a professional application form.

    All candidates participating in professional level training must have digital copies of the following documents uploaded into MySSI before the final certification(s) can be issued:

    • RSTC Medical Statement signed by a physician within one (1) year  
    • Proof of CPR training within two (2) years  
    • Proof of First Aid training within two (2) years  
    • Proof of Oxygen First Aid training within (1) year


    • The minimum age to participate is 18 years old.
    • You must be able to swim competently.

    Requirements For Completion

    • Complete and pass all requirements and evaluations listed in the SSI Snorkelling Instructor Manual.  
    • Complete the candidate water fitness evaluation as outlined in the SSI Training Standards.  
    • Complete the Snorkelling Instructor final exam with a passing score of 90%.

    Call Pro Dive today on 02 4389 3483 to book.

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