Snorkel in Schools


Snorkel Diving: A World of Wonders for NSW School Students

Snorkelling includes both snorkel swimming and snorkel diving.
In snorkel swimming, the swimmer stays on the surface of the water.
In snorkel diving, the diver is neutrally buoyant and able to execute breath-hold diving and swimming below the surface.

Snorkel diving is an exciting aquatic activity that holds immense educational and recreational benefits for school students on the NSW Central Coast- With its vast coastline and diverse marine life, the coast offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the underwater world, while simultaneously enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Encouraging students to explore the underwater world can be a transformative experience, shaping them into informed, responsible, and well-rounded individuals.

Here are some compelling reasons why Pro-Dive encourages snorkel diving for school students:
Physical Fitness:
Confidence Building:
Scientific Exploration:
Teamwork and Communication:
Stress Relief:
Cultural Understanding:

Snorkel diving is a fantastic activity that offers a myriad of educational and recreational benefits for school students in NSW. It not only enriches their understanding of the marine environment but also promotes physical fitness, confidence, teamwork, along with a sense of environmental responsibility.

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Students to complete online theory at school or home
First session in confined water
Swim continuously for 200 metres, any stroke
Perform survival sculling, floating and treading water for ten minutes
Students taking part in snorkel diving must be in at least Stage 3.

Session Two onwards
Open water snorkelling at local protected bay.

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