Scuba Master

$12,765.00 $8,991.00

This exclusive training program enables you, to become the most employable diver, standing out above your peers, ready to start work, from day one! 

Acquiring these additional skills will better enable you to become a well-rounded and confident SCUBA diving professional. Someone, who is highly sought after in the dive industry, today. 


In addition to developing exemplary scuba diving skills, this program also includes training and experience in other fields such as retail, maritime qualifications, dive travel, equipment maintenance and specialised diving activities.

The program price is all-inclusive. This means all scuba training and materials, including dive-related application fees, result in the best value professional diving package, in the marketplace today.


Deep Diver Specialty 
Wreck diver Specialty 
Underwater Navigation Specialty 
Night / Limited Visibility  Specialty 
Search & Recovery Specialty 
Boat Specialty 
Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty 

React Right, First Aid 
Emergency Oxygen Provider 
Stress and Rescue Diver 

Equipment Techniques
ProDive Gear servicing program 101
Science of Diving Specialty 

Enriched Air Gas Blender Specialty 
Dive Guide Certification Training
Divemaster Certification Training

Enriched Air Gas Blender Specialty 
Air filling, compressor operations, dive centre operations, gear servicing experience

NSW Boat and Jetski licence
Plus one bonus Weekend getaway
Plus two weeks of Paid Work on completion of the Course
Plus Integrated Work Experience Program (Course Diving, Dive Leading, etc.)

All online Training Materials
All Professional Diving Applications, Registration and Membership Fees

Bonus Offers

Integrated Work Experience Program Consisting Of Shore, Night, Course Diving/Leading Experience
Around $3000 worth of boat diving on the course
Workshop seminars on Dive Theory topics - Physics, Physiology, Equipment Decompression & Dive Table
Air Filling and Compressor Operations Experience
PRO DIVE Dive Centre Operations Course
PRO DIVE Gear Servicing 101
10 Double Boat Dive Pack (20 dives) for use after the course

PRO DIVE Privileges

PRO DIVE Professional Mentoring Program
$3000 worth Of Boat Dives On Course
Unlimited Use Of Tanks, Weights & Air Fills
PRO DIVE Explorers Dive Club Membership
PRO DIVE Staff Shirt
Free Use Of Our On-Site Heated Pool
15% Discount Off Dive Equipment


Mask, snorkel, fins and boots
Scuba rental equipment
Australian Dive Medical 
Professional Liability Insurance
Photos for your PWC licence


Certified Open Water Diver 
18 years of age before commencing your Divemaster Course
Valid and signed Dive medical on file
Own transport

Duration Commitment:

Full Time - 8 weeks/5 days pw

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Flying after Diving

Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.