Open Water Scuba Diver Private Course


At the start of your personalized Open Water SCUBA diving course, you and a friend will have the opportunity to swim alongside your own instructor, explore the depths of the ocean while breathing underwater, and witness fascinating marine life during your training dives.


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Extra person at $695. No more than two people on this course...

    At Pro Dive, we strive to achieve a distinct objective: to teach individuals how to scuba dive securely, rather than just moving them through a scuba diving program. We take tremendous pride in this mission.

    With the help of a professional PRO DIVE instructor, you can surpass the minimum standards and gain the confidence and relaxation needed to become a skilled scuba diver. Their experience and guidance will be invaluable in completing your course successfully.

    • Complete your online registration process
    • Finalise the Open Water academics section, quick quizzes and exam before in water training commences
    • Swim a minimum of 200 mt unassisted
    • Tread water for ten minutes
    • Be a minimum of 15 years old
    • 12 years with adult diver supervision
    • Your personal Pro-Dive Instructor
    • Online study guides and quizzes
    • Maximum two on One Student/Instructor ratio
    • Confined water training dives in our exclusive indoor heated, 3 metre deep swimming pool where you learn the necessary skills, to dive safely
    • Four open water shore scuba dives in the ocean with your professional Instructor, where you will put your new-found scuba skills into practice
    • Your own personal online log book to record your underwater diving adventures
    • Online international certification e-card
    • Tea and coffee
    • The first year of our exclusive "Explorer Club" membership 
    • Plus a lifetime of fond memories and scuba adventures.
    • Mask, snorkel, fins (can be purchased)
    • Food and drinks
    • Your own transport
    • Swimming gear and towel

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    Flying after Diving

    Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.