Mares Surface Marker Buoy - Regular

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Delayed Surface Marker Buoy.

Delayed surface marker buoys are probably the most versatile option for divers.

The “delayed” part refers to the fact that this important tool can be put up, whilst still underwater during your dive, to get the attention of the boat crew and to let other boats in the area, know you are there, more than likely safely completing your safety stop.

This device makes the divers ultra visible to boats and is very useful for getting attention if lost at sea or when an accident happens.
An SMB is a Surface Marker Buoy, which is the same as an DSMB but it is deployed on the surface, in case divers drift away in a current.
You will also require a finger spool with line attached, in conjunction with your SMB.

15cm wide - 1.8m long (inflatable section 1.4m) - 12kg lift

Welded and double stitched

Transparent window at the top for inserting wetnote messages or glow sticks

Marked with Coast Guard approved SOLAS reflective tape

Available in orange (standard)

One-way valve for LP connector or 1 breath inflation

Stainless steel D-ring and bungee attached

Over-pressure valve (OPV)

Integrated pressure-relief valve, allowing them to be deployed from depth

One-way valve for oral inflate or LP hose connection - easily inflated at depth

Available in yellow or orange: one color to mark position and one to mark emergencies

Inflate at the surface to attract attention or at depth to send up as a surface marker

Reflective tape on the top

When deflated fits in a thigh pocket or backplate storage area

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