Mares Sea-Vu Dry Plus



Mares Sea VU Dry +

This is a great product for people just getting into snorkelling that offers a wide range of viewing without fogging up.  

The Sea VU Dry full face snorkel mask represents a revolution in snorkelling comfort and design, features include: 

Transparent surfaces to clearly see the face

Ergonomic frame design with low visual-impact 

Safe exchange and clearing of gasses means low co2 build-up 

Large air-flow sections allows for natural breathing through mouth or nose

Sea vu dry + : flat lenses combine to build a 3d shape which reduces optical distortion 

The Full face design  means no water gets on your face, combined with a 100% dry top snorkel - keeps water out

The mask includes a comfortable streamlined silicone sealing skirt and wide lens for superior viewing keeping the face dry allowing snorkellers to breathe through their nose and mouth whilst keeping their face dry.

A great full face mask with built in snorkel, to help you enjoy full face snorkel diving longer.


Check the Size chart to allow easy ordering. 

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