Mares Genius Dive Computer w/transmitter

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Mares Genius.

The long-awaited successor of Mares Icon HD has arrived.

The latest addition to the Mares Dive computer range is the perfect choice for any diver, whether scuba diving with pure air, nitrox, EANx or even Trimix.   Divers can monitor up to five gases due to the hoseless design.

With its full colour screen, the Mares Genius Dive Computer is the most evolved dive computer on the market, displaying information you need to know at that part of the dive, drawing your attention to key information- as it changes.

Mares engineers designed the Genius for recreational divers with the option of personalised settings for technical diving with the choice of customised settings or four presets.

The brain of the Genius is powered by the ZH-L16C algorithm-
The most popular Buhlmann algorithm with technical dive enthusiasts.

Mares Genius dive computor also features a full tilt digital compass with bearing memory and stopwatch.

The ‘Technical’ setting allows divers to choose from four presets, T0 to T3, or to set the values directly under the “Custom” setting option.

Mares is the first and only computor manufacturer, to apply ultra-modern smartphone technology to dive computers and the Mares Genius, has an even better display than its predecessor the Mares Icon HD.

With a Full HR mineral glass display, all dive data is easy to read under water, especially when you tip your arm at an angle, you can keep reading data, without the screen getting dark.

PS- You can also adjust the bright colours to darker shades, at night!

Thanks to the coloured screen and the user-friendly system, the Mares Genius Dive computor is easy to read with countless options to help you enjoy your diving you can;

  • Upload photos  
  • Download underwater maps  
  • Or use the clear digital compass function.


Adding the Air integration module shows the user and your dive buddy, what your cylinder pressure is, with a multi coloured LED trtansmitter

Green: Cylinder pressure is above 150 bar  

Yellow: Cylinder pressure is between 100 to 50 bar  

Red: Cylinder pressure is below 50 bar or the reserve level

Come in a grab your dive computor and make use of the latest piece of technology, available to divers. 

With maximum readability, you will love this dive computer!
With new options and surprising performance enhancements, makes this a fantastic dive computor to own. 

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