MARES CR25X Twin Setup


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This new Mares XR Tek-reational diving equipment will help you to achieve your diving goals safely, easily and much more enjoyable. Double tank setups are a great way to increase bottom time, reduce decompression time and allows divers the comfort of knowing they are safe and have adequate gas for the mission.

Twin tank or double tank setups offer you two totally independent air sources, when joined by a manifold system.  

Buoyancy control used,  is either a double bladder, bulky but efficient or a single bladder of suitable lift for the desired diving style.

Air delivery systems must be first class, have the ability to be serviced easily, with readily available parts and rugged for the dives required.

Twin cylinder setups, give you plenty of gas to complete your dives safely. Should one regulator or cylinder (air delivery) malfunction, you turn that cylinder off and breathe from the other cylinder, allowing you to ascend safely to the surface.

On twin cylinder rigs known as twinsets, you have two valves that are connected by a manifold with an isolation valve.

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Comes as part of a complete technical set including:

- 2 x CR Second Stages
- 2 x 25XR First Stages
- 2 x hoses (56cm - 210cm)
- 1 x Neck Regulator Bungee
- 1 x Dead Bolt Snap

HD Stainless steel 3mm rigged backplate system
56cm SPG  
20Kg Donut Bladder Twin Tank 


Twin 12.2 Lt, 232 Bar steel cylinders
Left and Right valve configuration
Shutoff Manifold  
Stainless Steel bands & fittings


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