Magellan Scuba Travel pack



Scuba Travel Package

Your holiday is booked and you have chosen a destination that offers scuba diving.

Dive equipment can be heavy, cumbersome to pack and carry- This travel pack offers you the lightest and very best travel scuba gear, that is available!

Combine a travel Regulator, travel BC and dive computer into the lightest yet robust, scuba diving travel package.  

Magellan Travel BC

The new Magellan BC offers all the features you are looking for in an excellent “travel bc”, paired with cutting-edge technological solutions.  
Provides you with maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Magellan is a true travel BC that is extremely lightweight with an Integrated quick release weight system and optional trim weight (to be placed on the tank band)  
The Foldable BC incorporates no rigid backpack and a strap loop backpack feature for easy adjustment - Comes with one roll-up pocket 

Ultra adjustable regulator

The Ultra Adj second stage is made from a new ultra-lightweight, ultra-strong technopolymer. The Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) allows unimpeded airflow and constant natural breathing at any depth. The innovative Twin Power System offers further adjustment, allowing the diver to control the speed of airflow. A simple twist increases airflow when required; designed for the very deep diver.

Dual Octopus regulator

The Octopus Dual is made of ultra-lightweight technopolymer which greatly reduces its weight (it weighs only 183 g).
It has a pneumatic-assisted (P.A.D.) design that ensures high airflow.
Equipped with a Superflex hose. 

Mission Two Puck Dive computer

The Mares Mission Puck 2 console includes the Puck computer and a compact, easy-to-read pressure gauge with an ergonomically shaped chrome-plated brass body.
Access to the functions is very intuitive by using a single button and the "Easy Access" system. In addition to air modes, it also features the nitrox mode and bottom timer mode.

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