Intersorb 812 - 4.5kg

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Intersorb 812

Soda lime is a chemical absorbent. Calcium Hydroxide reacts with the CO2 in the breathing circuit to form Calcium Carbonate which is retained within the absorber unit.

The quantity and grade of soda lime used will have an effect on how long the soda lime will last within the system.

Divers requiring a long dive duration, Intersorb 812 is available in 8-12 mesh particle size to maximize CO2 capacity, results in a higher CO2 capacity and longer duration compared to larger particle size products

In general, for a given volume of soda lime, a smaller particle size material will last longer than a larger particle size material.

Intersorb® 812 is a conventional soda lime Carbon Dioxide (CO2) absorbent comprised of short porous strands, containing mainly calcium hydroxide - Ca(OH)2 – and water. 

rEvo recommend only Intersorb 812 to be used in the Horizon SCR. 

Available in 4.5 kg and 20 Kg kegs.

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