Horizon Oxygen Sensor (9,0 -13MV)


The Oxygen sensors in hand-held surface analysers and rebreathers are complex devices, but fundamentally it is helpful to think of them as oxygen-powered fuel cells. They operate on a chemical reaction that produces a weak electrical current that can be measured in order to estimate the pressure of oxygen present.


Cells used in rebreathers are exposed to partial pressures of oxygen, much greater than normally encountered when analysing oxygen-enriched gas at the surface.

Oxygen sensors have three components, they consist of a lead anode, a gold cathode and a liquid electrolyte, mostly water with potassium hydroxide.

Every Oxygen sensor is subjected to a very stringent quality assurance program, that checks the output and stability of each cell, during the manufacturing process.

PLEASE NOTE: As sensors age their response time to changes in oxygen pressure gets slower and slower. It is the user's responsibility to monitor and replace oxygen sensors, as recommended by the rebreather manufacturer.

This cell is the only sensor recommended for Horizon Semi Closed Rebreathers

Output connector options: 3-pin Molex
Range: 0-100% Oxygen
Signal Output: 9.5-13 mV
Response 90%: 6 sec
Warranty: 12 months after purchase, or 15 months after manufacture (whichever comes first)

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