Harness Heavy Duty

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The High Resistance Backmount Set is the harness complete with accessories to be fixed to the steel backrest. The configuration is compliant with Hogartian canons.

The main features of the High Resistance Backmount Set are: 


3.5 m Strap with central hole and frog 

3 x 40 mm elastic loops  

1.5 m crotch strap 


2 x 50 mm curved stainless steel D-rings (chest area)  

2 x D - 50 mm stainless steel straight rings (ventral area)  

 4 x Stainless steel sliding plates (d-ring holder)  

2 x Stainless steel toothed sliding plates (d-ring holder) 

1 x Stainless steel ventral buckle 

2 x 50 mm straight stainless steel D-rings (under the crotch area) 

1 x Sliding stainless steel stop (under the crotch area)


3.5 metre webbing with centre hole and grommet

3 x 40mm elastic loop retainers

1.5m crotch strap


2 x bent D-ring 50mm stainless steel

2 x straight D-ring 50mm stainless steel

4 x 3-bar slides normal stainless steel with Mares logo

2 x 3-bar slides toothed stainless steel with Mares logo

1 x waist buckle stainless steel with Mares logo crotch strap

2 x straight D-rings 50mm stainless steel

1 x 3-bar glides 50mm stainless steel with Mares logo

DIR – Hogarthian configuration

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