Harbinger Blaze Camo Dive Mask


A great mask designed for spearfishers to really enjoy their sport and feel comfortable whilst swimming around. Huntmaster Harbinger Mask is a sign of change and of more to come! 

The Unique Camo Design (Harbinger) is a result of many long months perfecting the printing techniques of the hypoallergenic skirt, so as not to interfere with the qualities we have all come to expect from a modern high-end mask.  

Various camo-coloured mask skirts, suit all habitats. 

Blaze for rocky structure,
Blue for pelagic species in open water,
Green for grassy and weedy habitats and then
Red or Pink for the reef.

Matching Coloured Lenses match the tinted and reflective lenses:

Blaze with gold,
Red with crimson,
Blue with aqua,
Green with olive
Pink with rose (Huntress Range)

Tinted and reflective lenses are great for closing the last vital distances required on many flighty species such as snapper and can restore more clarity and sharpness to what would otherwise be murky waters, much as an amber lens mask would.

Supplied in matching Mask Camo Containers, Utah is a very handy way to store your smaller items whilst on a boat and pack away your mask when you’re done diving, avoiding nasty scratches or damages to the mask

Key Product Features:

Hypoallergenic liquid seal skirt for a comfortable fit on a variety of face shapes
Harbinger camo design in 5 colours (Red, Blue, Blaze, Green and Pink)
Tinted and reflective lenses in matching colours
Great field of vision
Matching camo containers

Special Note:  

Huntmaster camo masks have an anti-fog lens pad installed to reduce that irritating fogging whilst diving. It is advised that you do not burn the lens when unpacking to reduce fogging. Burning the lens will destroy the anti fog lens pad and have the reverse affect allowing the mask to fog a lot more than usual.
Using anti fog spray or gel is sufficient to keep the mask from fogging and for general maintenance purposes


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