Freediver Level 1 Package


Wetsuit - Men - Size - S-2XL
Size Fin

What do you need to start Freediving?

A mask, a snorkel and a fins are the barest essentials you will require in order for you to consider, before taking up freediving.

Your most important choice of Freediving equipment is comfort, then consider being streamlined in the water so the gear has to be light, easy to wear and durable.

Polygon 3mm wetsuit

The Blue Polygon 3 mm wetsuit is made with an indigo polygon-based camouflage design that allows you to blend in seamlessly with your surroundings, despite the conditions.

Concorde fins

The Mares Concorde freediving fins allow high performance in kicking.    
Ideal for long surface fins.

Tana Mask

The Mares Tana mask is a great option for snorkelers, featuring a soft silicone skirt with low internal volume
The skirt features original grooves with a unique hydrodynamic shape for reducing drag while in the water. 

Element Snorkel

The Mares Element freediving snorkel is equipped with a soft tube, providing correct flexibility during its use, without creating airflow interruptions. 


Make the most of your time in the water by letting us arrange some additional equipment and training, so you can perform at your very best and enjoy the underwater world! 

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