Fast Track Adventure Diver to Instructor Program

$5,774.00 $3,686.00

Fast Track your training to become a Dive Instructor

If you have a passion for diving and a passion for teaching, a rewarding career as a Dive Instructor is just around the corner. Our Diamond PRO facility, provides a professional team of Instructor Trainers with over fifty years of diving experience, with real-world knowledge of the diving industry, from entry-level courses, all the way to instructor levels and beyond.

    Once you become an Instructor and reinforce your diving credentials, Pro Dive Central Coast has two Full-time Instructor Trainers on staff available to assist you with a comprehensive selection of instructor-level continuing education programs.

    You will also have access to career counselling, along with worldwide job placement services, via Pro Dive International and the SSI network.

    Designed specifically for people who are short on time and have the prerequisite certifications and number of dives, to qualify for professional-level training.

    You will complete the following courses;

    Adventure diver

    Stress and Rescue diver

    Science of Diving

    Dive Guide

    Assistant Instructor

    Instructor training course

    Candidate Prerequisites

    Must be 18 years old to work as an active status, Dive Guide.

    Must have logged at least seventy open water dives or more.

    Have completed the following specialty programs or provide proof of experience by showing, a minimum of five logged experience dives, in each of the following areas: Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility, Enriched Air and Deep Diving.

    Be certified as Enriched Air/ Nitrox diver

    Proof of CPR training within two years

    Proof of First Aid training within two years

    Proof of Oxygen Provider training within one year

    Will have completed 100 logged dives, by completion of this program, to certify as an Open Water Dive Instructor

    Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation to continue onto professional level training

    The purpose of this evaluation is to ensure that PRO DIVE Professional candidates have an adequate level of fitness and comfort in the water, prior to conducting any SSI training.

    Tread water for 15 minutes, without using any aids or floatation of any kind.

    Using a mask, fins and a snorkel- Swim 700 metres without stopping, within 20 minutes

    Swim 375 metres without stopping and without the use of a mask, fins, snorkel or other swim aids

    Swim underwater for 25 metres using a mask, fins and snorkel.

    Perform a full, unconscious-diver-on-the-surface rescue, a total distance of 100 metres, within eight minutes. (Both parties must use a Total Diving System).

    Specialty dive and First Aid bundle courses, are available for candidates, to fulfil requirements at special bundled prices.
    Required dives are the candidate's responsibility and must be completed, prior to the commencement of professional-level training.


    Dive Guide Registration

    Dive Master registration

    Dive Control Specialist registration

    Instructor fees

    Instructor Examination


    Personal Total Dive System

    All First Aid certificates must be valid through to the time of Instructor's course conclusion.

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    Flying after Diving

    Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.