Faber 3 litre, 232 bar Steel Cylinder

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Faber 3 litre 232 bar Steel Cylinder

The scuba diving cylinders we prefer, use and recommend for divers, are made by Faber.
Faber is the foremost European manufacturer of scuba diving cylinders, using extremely high quality steel, made to international standards.

Faber steel dive cylinders display a unique combination of size, weight and buoyancy.

The Faber three litre steel SCUBA diving cylinder with Din/K valve - with a fill pressure of 232 bar is a smaller scuba tank, ideal for many different dive applications, typically used on a variety of rebreathers, but is most commonly used as a pony bottle or backup air source. 

The high quality scuba valves are modular, you can change from single connection to dual connection valves with ease.

The scuba valve design on the dive tank ensures an excellent grip, facilitating easy opening and closing of the tank valve, whilst the regulator first stage connection features a DIN insert, thus allowing you the added advantage of both INT (yoke) or DIN connections.

Please note:

Cylinders are for use in Australia only.
All scuba tanks are sold EMPTY with valves removed, due to restrictions in place on the transportation of high-pressure cylinders and are priced accordingly.
Oxygen cleaning fee of $27.50 applies to Oxygen clean your tank and scuba valve, for use with up to 100% Oxygen.
(Includes Clean Air and Nitrox Decal)

Call 02 4389 3483 for bulk purchase pricing.

Tank handles are also available for ease of transporting your scuba tank.
Not necessary to add a tank boot as 3 Litre SCUBA Tanks are typically mounted to your main air cylinder with a small bracket.


    Height: 500 mm

    Diameter: 100mm 

    Fill Pressure 232 bar 

    Empty Weight: 3.8kgs 

    Tank Neck Threads are 3/4" - 14 NPSM 

    Diameter: 100mm 

    Standard: BS 5045, UT or ISO 9809

    Material: Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel 

    Manufacturing Process: Cold deep drawn from steel plate 

    Internal Finish: Chemically treated with Ferrous Phosphate  

    Primary Finish: Hot Zinc sprayed with layer thickness of 60-70 microns  

    Final Finish: Two part polyurethane white paint, sprayed and air dried 

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