Extended Range Instructor Program


Extended Range Instructor Program 

The previous two years have seen a dramatic surge in divers, wanting to attend Extended Range diver programs. This has led to a genuine need for, SSI Extended Range Instructors.

Pro Dive offers you the opportunity to learn about these exciting programs, where our full-time Instructor Trainers, teach you the foundations of tech diving-

The SSI Extended Range Instructor course aims to provide you with the training, skills and knowledge necessary to teach extended range divers.

Plus, how to plan and conduct tek-reational dives, to a depth of 45 metres. Dives that also include gas switches and multiple-stop decompression, safely.

Once you established this base, you then progress onto Extended Range NITROX diving and Extended Range WRECK diving.

Pre-requisite Instructor courses:  

Deep Dive Instructor
Wreck Dive Instructor
Night Dive Instructor
Enriched Air / Nitrox Instructor

As part of the Extended Range Instructor course, you will also learn how to teach students- how to dive with an equally-qualified dive buddy working together as a team, even though they may be using, different configurations of diving equipment.

Extended Range Instructor programs offered: 

Extended Range Foundations
Extended Range Nitrox
Extended Range Wreck

YOU WILL REQUIRE YOUR OWN XR Total Dive System also available to purchase before your course commences.

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