Divemaster Program


At ProDive, we require a higher standard of training than most other diver training centres, at all levels. It is not that ProDive training is more difficult, it is just more comprehensive and therefore we believe, that we typically train, better divers. 
This enables you to get the valuable experience required not just in terms of dive skills, but also teaching and people skills. 

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Once completed, you will be teaching and guiding students with indirect supervision as allowed by your certification.

How do you become an PRODIVE/SSI Divemaster? 

You will have completed the following courses and / or have certified proof of experience, in the areas, listed below.
Plus have a minimum of sixty logged dives to exit.

Deep Diver 
Wreck Diver 
Nitrox Diver 
U/W Navigation 
React Right First Aid 
Stress and Rescue Diver 
Night & Limited Visibility 

You will require a minimum of sixty dives and forty hours of logged in-water experience to become a ProDive/SSI Divemaster. 
We feel this is essential, to set you up for completing the course and to take on the necessary responsibilities, that comes with being known at a professional diver level qualification. 
You will also need to have a diving medical- less than twelve months old, signed-off on by a licensed medical practitioner.


Science of Diving course
Dive Guide course 
All PRO DIVE Course Materials 

PRO DIVE’s Professional Instructor Fees 
Tanks, weight belt and weights 
Pool Fees 
Theory & Training Sessions 
Ongoing Training and Mentoring – unlimited training


Scuba gear rental
Australian Dive Medical

Active Status Qualifications: 

Act as a certified assistant for all SSI recreational courses. 
Enroll in a PRODIVE/SSI Assistant Instructor program

Candidate Prerequisites

Minimum age: 18 years old at start of course. 
Logged at least 40 open water dives
Pass Dive medical
Sign all Legal liabilities


Rescue diver
Deep Diver
Underwater Navigation
Enriched Air

All air fails

Boat dives

DM kit

Your personal Total Dive System

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Flying after Diving

Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.