Night, Navigation and Nitrox Course Bundle


Three of our most popular dive courses in just one weekend
Try a bundle of courses and grab a fantastic deal on all three!

Learning how to find your way around underwater is a skill easily learnt, using the techniques shown to you will make your dives safer and more enjoyable. the Night and Limited Visibility opens up an entire new world underwater, where you will appreciate the smaller things and navigating back and forth, will really make you more comfortable, on your dives.


Night and Limited Visibility Diver   

Underwater Navigation                 

Enriched Air/Nitrox

Three Specialties in one weekend.
Three of our most popular dive courses in just one weekend. 

Book in today and start saving money on specialty dive courses.

To be a minimum of 15 years old. All students under 18 years of age will be required to provide signed parent or guardian consent form. Fit to Dive - Please take time to review the Dive Medical Requirements and Fitness to Dive information.   Gear Hire - is available and includes one piece wetsuit, buoyancy vest, regulator with dive computer, tanks and weights.  Snorkelling gear is not included.

What you need to bring - Sunscreen, swimmers and towel, Log book

All online theory sessions, Use of compass, Air refills as required

Total Dive System, Dive torch, SMB and Reel, Dive Slate,

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Flying after Diving

Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.