Carbon Fibre Backplate with Cinch


Want to travel light but still have the convenient features you have come to love in diving a backplate, harness and wing combination?

The Carbon Fibre Backplate with Cinch features built-in Cinch™ technology, which provides rapid adjustment of the diving harness allowing an unprecedented fit and easy equipment removal.

Featuring built in Cinch™ system with utility holes that allow mating with MC Storage Pack to stow a variety of lift devices as well as the small Halcyon drysuit inflation kit with all edges carefully milled to eliminate sharp edges

The Carbon Fibre Backplate with Cinch can be ordered as a stand alone item or as an option with the Eclipse™ or Evolve™or Legend™ Pro BC Systems.

The ultimate lightweight travel backplate to pair with your STA of choice. 

Weight: 0.54 KG 
(standard size) 30.48 CM X 39.3 CM 

Weight: 0.45 KG (small size)
26.67 CM X 36.2 CM 

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