Boat Handling Private Course


Private Boat Handling  Course

Boat driver training offered by Pro-Dive Central Coast is an invitation to a life less ordinary. It's a chance to embrace the maritime spirit, gain the skills needed to navigate with finesse, and explore the wide blue waters beyond.

During this program you will complete:

  1. The skills and techniques essential for safe boat handling
  2. Correctly and fully prepare a vessel for departure on a recreational excursion
  3. Explain and demonstrate techniques for safe handling of a vessel underway.
  4. Marine radio procedures and protocols.
  5. Stowage procedures plus the care and maintenance of the vessel underway
  6. Line handling and knots
  7. Post maintenance of the vessel

So, if you're ready to chart your course towards adventure, answer the call and dive into the training that promises not just a license, but a key to unlocking the boundless sea. 

Maximum TWO people on course

Imagine being the captain of your own vessel, confidently steering through the deep waters uncovering hidden coves. Rivers, lakes and streams have always held a tantalising allure, promising adventures beyond the horizon and experiences that linger as cherished memories.

For those who yearn to take the helm and navigate their own aquatic journeys, private boat driver training emerges as a gateway to mastering the waves.
Pro-Dive Central Coast, a renowned name in aquatic exploration and adventure, beckons all aspiring boaters to embrace this opportunity and make waves of their own.

Private boat driver training is not just about acquiring skills; it's about embracing a lifestyle that celebrates freedom and the unexplored, with tailored boating courses designed to cater to both beginners and those seeking to refine their skills.

Our experienced trainer, with over fifty years of local experience on the local waterways, offers you comprehensive training aboard our Government surveyed boat, that contains all relevant safety equipment, covering all aspects from launching, navigation, safety protocols and the art of responsible boating, up to retrieving the boat, back onto the trailer.
Simply keeping your vessel on course involves a lot of knowledge, not only how the boat is affected by wind and current, but also how to easily come alongside a dock or wharf at the end of your journey. Loading and unloading can also be quite hazardous, if not done correctly.

You will also have time to go over all safety equipment that is strongly recommended to be carried by all small vessels, venturing onto a river, lake or even the ocean.

During your private 3 hour on water training session you will have the satisfaction of being able to confidently captain your own vessel. Imagine weekends spent fishing with friends, leisurely family outings, or even solo sojourns into the deep— each adventure fuelled by the independence that comes with having your own boat.

Covered in shoes, spray jacket, sunscreen and suitable sun glasses

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Flying after Diving

Please see the information linked below for guidelines on flying after diving.