Blue Oceans



This program introduces you to many of the global challenges that our ocean faces today.
Each section will focus on a particular problem, like ocean plastics for instance.
We will describe how the problem developed, why it is an important issue, what people like you are doing to reduce the problem’s impact on the ocean!

Each section also includes stories that highlight the work of scientists, conservationists, SSI Training Centres, and other individuals or organisations making positive changes on a daily basis.
As you read these stories, think about how you can apply their lessons to your everyday life or, how you can encourage your community to take action.

This manual should not be the final step in your marine conservation education. It is simply a tool that should help increase your awareness of the issues, but awareness isn’t enough.
We need to take actions to improve, protect, and preserve the marine environment for both this generation and the generations to come.

As you read through the pages in this program, take notes, record your thoughts and feelings. Track any question you may have to your instructor, or the people you work with.
Hopefully you can create a dialogue with others that creates positive change for the ocean.

Program Objectives

The Blue Oceans program provides you with an overview of issues related to climate change, the impact of human activity, plus other marine conservation concerns.

Blue Oceans uses modern scientific research and practical examples of real-world people and organisations that will encourage you to take action today, make positive changes in your life that will benefit the ocean, the environment and everything else around us.

There are no completion requirements for this program.
All we ask is you participate with us in environmentally-friendly activities- like beach clean-ups, dive site cleanups and recycling drives. 

This program is structured a little bit differently from other SSI Training programs you masy have taken before.

It still includes the digital learning, but there are no review questions, final exams, or completion requirements.
You can use each academic session, or pick and choose the topics that are most relevant to your location.

Our goal as Instructors for this training program, should be to educate you on the problems facing our ocean today, in a positive manner.
Sometimes people may feel pessimistic, they may believe that the problems are too large for one person to make a difference-
"This is so far from the truth"

You have already expressed an interest in ocean conservation by registering for the digital learning, this is your chance to become responsible tourists, or everyday ocean advocates.

Even though the information in this program might seem scary, the program is intended to be a fun and challenging learning experience. It presents modern scientific research and real-world case studies, designed to train you to make intelligent, informed decisions. 

Plus, this information will be updated as new information comes forward- at no cost to you!

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