Adrenaline 2P Thermo Shield Hooded Poncho


After some time of diving or snorkeling in the ocean, even in the middle of summer,  you can become very easily chilled.

The Adrenalin 2P Thermal Shield Poncho is great to put on and wear. The Poncho blocks out the cold wind for a comfy chill out after hours being in the water.

The Adrenalin 2P Thermal Poncho is not just for the diver. Wherever you find yourself in and out of the water, be it in the heat of summer or the colder months, the Adrenalin 2P Poncho will be your go to warm place.

The poncho is cut long for comfort and warmth, using a hydrophobic material that repels water With a built in hood.

The Adrenaline 2P Thermo Shield Poncho is perfect for camping, fishing, trekking, surfing, paddle boarding or laying on the ground stargazing.

It’s fantastic to take with you to the pool for your daily laps routine. The lightweight construction ensures it is compact and easy to store and transport.

Adrenaline 2P Thermal ponchos make a brilliant gift, especially for that loved one or friend that always seems to have everything. So, why not buy an extra one for a present.

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