Adrenaline 2P Thermo Shield Long Sleeve Zipped Top



Exploring the depths of the ocean brings with it the need for specialized gear that not only ensures comfort but also guarantees safety.

Among the many essential pieces of equipment, thermal wear plays a crucial role in safeguarding divers against the cold temperatures that await them beneath the surface. The remarkable features of Adrenaline 2P Thermal Wear, an innovation that has taken the scuba diving community by storm.

Built to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean, Adrenaline 2P Thermal Wear is constructed from premium, eco-friendly materials. The durable exterior not only ensures longevity but also contributes to reducing the impact on the marine environment.

Flexibility is vital for scuba divers, allowing them to move effortlessly through the water. Adrenaline 2P Thermal Wear boasts a sleek design with strategically placed stretch panels that provide unrestricted movement. Whether swimming alongside majestic sea creatures or navigating intricate underwater caves, this thermal wear adapts to every motion, enhancing the overall diving experience.

170% 4-Way Stretch: Adrenalin's 2P boasts significant levels of stretch and one touch of a 2P garment confirms that this level of stretch comfortably covers the entire range of human anatomy

A plush-inner lining completes the package by way of its supple feel against the skin but it's not just for comfort, as it wicks water away from your body.

50+ UPF Rating blocks at least 98% of the suns radiation

Long Body: Extra length in the body helps keep your lower back covered during an inevitable 'ride up'

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