XR Range

XR Range

Technical Diving is now known as eXtended Range

eXtended Range diving products will extend your underwater limits and diving range, with more challenging courses, with infinite opportunities, new equipment configurations and where new emotions, are just at your fingertips.

There is no quick way to safe technical diving! 
Safety and knowledge- being in water at depth, with many hours of practice will gain you "experience".

The bridge between Technical and Recreational diving is now narrowing and with XR products, developing divers to dive beyond recreational limits and incur decompression obligations, this is your chance to discover new horizons and experience all, that awaits you!

A whole new range of products designed specifically for deeper extended range diving await you, These products, courses and experiences will take you to destinations you have only dreamt about.

Are you ready for XR Diving? . . . We are!

diver preparing for an extended range dive