Mask Corrective Lens

Corrective Lens

Are your dive gauges becoming blurry? 
Your arms not long enough anymore? 
Perhaps the numbers on your dive computer are getting too hard to read.

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, then you need corrective lenses fitted to your dive or snorkel mask.

Remember, your scuba mask helps your eyes focus in the water, creating a sealed layer of air over your eyes, allowing you to fully take in your underwater environment and dive safely.

You will require a dual lens mask- Dual lens masks have two lenses, separated by the nose pocket.
Dual lenses mean you can have different ranges resulting in perfect vision- crucial for enjoying all that there is to see on your next dive.

Fitting corrective lenses to your dive mask is a quick and easy process.
You simply remove the original tempered glass lens and replace with tempered glass corrective lens instead.

Negative Correction Lens 

If you have "near-sightedness" means you require negative distance vision correction- 
The lens to select is a '-' diopter. 
The solution is what we call a negative corrective lens mask — 
a negative correction to the whole lens, for short/near-sighted people with myopia.

Positive Correction Lens 

Far-sightedness means you require positive correction 
The lens to select is a '+' diopter.

Prescription versus Corrective Lens Masks  

If you wear prescription glasses, diving and snorkelling masks fitted with lenses with your exact prescription can be obtained. 
But it's very expensive and time-consuming.

Bifocal Correction Lens 

Some scuba divers just need a bit of help reading their gauges, dive computers, camera controls- you select the 'bifocal', or 'gauge readers' corrective lens mask —

If you are unsure of your script and what you need for your prescription, contact your Optometrist and ask them for the best "Sphere measurement" for you.
Pre-made lenses are ordered using only the "sphere measurement" and come in .5 increments.
Your personal optometrist is the best person to advise you, which is the best solution for you.

We offer a wide selection of corrective lens adaptable scuba diving masks, to fit your diving and snorkelling needs.
Mares and TUSA supply a range of pre-made optical correction lenses, you can be assured to see clearly underwater.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, we will have a mask for you!

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