STAXR Single Tank Adapter

STAXR Single Tank Adapter

by Robert Diaz on Jun 25, 2023

STAXR Single Tank Adapter

Making Single to Double Tank Transitions Easy

Technical diving is all about going further and staying down longer, and the Mares XR line of equipment, spares no expenses in helping divers do just that.

Every minute saved setting up your rig is an extra minute to explore the amazing underwater world.

This time-saving mindset is what directed Mares to invent the STAXR Single Tank Adapter.

The STAXR Single Tank Adapter is the perfect XR accessory for divers who need to transition between a single and double tank setup. This adapter fits  onto the cylinder body, allowing for quick and easy attachment of a single tank to a backplate.

Lighter and more compact than others, the STAXR is both functional and stylish. It is made of marine-grade 316 stainless steel, making it lightweight and rust-resistant. It also features a unique XR design cut right into the plate.

The STAXR Single Tank adapter is the perfect accessory for any diver wishing to transition quickly between a single tank and a double tank setup. Save time on land to spend more time underwater with our innovative line of accessories.

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