by Robert Diaz on Oct 02, 2023

28XR HR Sidemount Set

This Mares Extended Range complete set is for your most challenging dives, both Sidemount and Backmount. 

Let’s take a look at the sets composition and technical features:


2 x 28XR first stages

2 x HR second stages

2 x Miflex XT-Tech hoses (60cm-210cm)

2 x short Miflex XT-Tech sidemount inflator hoses

1m of 4mm bungee

2 x pressure gauges

28XR First Stage

The 28XR first stage uses a balanced diaphragm concept, controlled by a double piston (TBP - Twin Balanced Piston system) which is environmentally sealed using anti-infiltration technology (AST - Auto Sealing Technology) to avoid possible sand or particle entry, especially on cave dives or in polluted waters. This also guarantees the perfect seal against possible water entry when rinsing the first stage, and allows for the eventual removal of the first stage, even whilst diving.

This model includes 4 LP ports on a swivel turret, all facing the diver for optimum use, 1 vertical LP port and 2 symmetrical HP ports at a 10° angle for perfect hose positioning. There is also natural DFC on all LP ports to guarantee superior performance.

The first stage is completed with a shiny chrome metal body which is lightweight at <790g.
Only available with a DIN 300 bar attachment.

HR Second Stage

This second stage is adapted for main and back-up Backmount, Sidemount, Stage and “hard breathing”, offering simple breathing force adjustment by turning the large, side control knob, which is easily accessible, even when using thick neoprene gloves.

It is possible to regulate the ‘hard’ second stage when it is not being used, and make it ‘softer’ when it is in use.

The simple, ultralight technopolymer body provides excellent performance. It includes PAD - Pneumatically Assisted Design to minimize breathing effort, an oversized purge button for easy use, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves, and a highly resistant Miflex XT-Tech hose made with 12 threads, reinforced in titanium and protected with a special, transparent PU to guarantee maximum durability and consistent performance over time.

This excellent second stage, thanks to its construction, can also be easily opened, inspected, cleaned and adjusted underwater.

The complete set is provided in an elegant, practical case, in wear resistant material, which can be conveniently used to store the equipment and all its components at the end of a dive.

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