scuttling the ex hmas adelaide off the NSW central coast


by Robert Diaz on Jul 30, 2023


The ocean is a vast and mysterious realm, teeming with life and secrets waiting to be discovered. For scuba diving enthusiasts, the allure of exploring underwater wrecks is hard to resist. These artificial reefs provide a fascinating glimpse into the past while also offering a unique habitat for marine life to thrive.
One such wreck that has become a scuba diver's paradise is the ex-HMAS Adelaide. Situated off the coast of New South Wales, Australia, this decommissioned naval ship has found new life as a captivating underwater playground.
The ex-HMAS Adelaide, once a stalwart of the Royal Australian Navy, was purposefully scuttled in 2011 to create an artificial reef and diving site. Located just a stone's throw away from Avoca Beach, it has become a magnet for diving enthusiasts from around the world. With its rich history and abundance of marine life, this wreck offers an unforgettable experience for divers of all skill levels.


As you descend into the depths, the imposing silhouette of the ex-HMAS Adelaide gradually comes into view. This 138-metre-long vessel, with its decks and compartments, is now a haven for a wide variety of marine species. The wreck's structure has become encrusted with colourful corals, sponges, and anemones, creating a vibrant tapestry of life.

Schools of fish swirl around its hull, while Kingfish gracefully glide by, adding to the sense of wonder and excitement.

Diving the ex-HMAS Adelaide is not only an awe-inspiring experience but also an opportunity to engage with Australia's naval history. The ship, originally commissioned in 1980, served with distinction for nearly 25 years before being decommissioned. As you explore the various sections of the wreck, such as the bridge, operations room and engine room, you can imagine the ship's former glory and the countless stories it holds.

For certified divers, the ex-HMAS Adelaide offers an array of possibilities. Whether you are a seasoned wreck diver or a newly certified Adventure diver, looking to enhance your skills, there is something for everyone.

The relatively shallow depth of the wreck, ranging from 20 to 40 metres, makes it accessible to divers of different experience levels. Experienced Advanced divers can venture deeper into the ship to explore its nooks and crannies, whilst beginner advanced divers can stay closer to the surface and still witness the beauty that lies beneath.

To ensure the preservation of this remarkable site, certain regulations are in place.

Divers must follow responsible diving practices, respecting the marine environment and avoiding any damage to the wreck or its inhabitants. Pro-Dive Central Coast works together with the authorities to monitor and maintain the ex-HMAS Adelaide, ensuring its sustainability as an underwater attraction for future generations.

If you're enticed by the idea of diving the ex-HMAS Adelaide, Pro Dive Central Coast is here to make your underwater adventure dreams a reality. As a premier dive operator in the region, Pro Dive Central Coast offers a range of courses and dives to suit every level of expertise. Their knowledge of the site will ensure your safety and provide you with an unforgettable experience exploring the ex-HMAS Adelaide.

To book your dive or learn more about the ex-HMAS Adelaide, visit History of the Adelaide on Their user-friendly website provides comprehensive information on dive packages, equipment rental, and certification courses.  

Take the plunge and discover the hidden wonders of the ex-HMAS Adelaide.

Immerse yourself in its history, marvel at the vibrant marine life, and experience the thrill of exploring a decommissioned naval ship beneath the waves. Whether you're a seasoned diver or someone looking to embark on a new adventure, the ex-HMAS Adelaide promises an extraordinary underwater journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Visit today and make your dive reservation. Let the ex-HMAS Adelaide beckon you into the depths, where a world of underwater wonders awaits.

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